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This isn’t the cheap stuff you buy from other sites. This is hand made artificial practice skin made in small batches to assure great quality. This skin allows for very high detail, as seen in pics.

We have tried numerous other company’s artificial tattoo skin, We feel our skin is superior and more cost effective. Learn new styles of tattooing on artificial skins or try a new idea before you do it on your clients.

Our skins have been used by many award winning artist. Used in many shops as a training aids to apprenticeships, even just for fun used for a portfolio display piece. 

Available in 4 Skin tones, SHADE A (lightest) to SHADE D(darkest)

Each skin is 5.5 inches round.

Tattoo Skins -Round Choose A Shade

$18.99 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price
Skin Tones