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InkAura Tattoo Butter

InkAura Tattoo Butter was designed for tattoo artists to use as a petroleum replacement as well as a healing aftercare and daily moisturizer for healed tattoos. Our tattoo butter has an awesome citrus smell and goes on rich and smooth. This will not clog pores and is made with all natural ingredients.


InkAura Moisturizing Gel hydrates and calms fresh tattoos and can help alleviate itching involved with the peeling process. Use on your already healed pieces to bring out the best in your black and gray or color tattoos and leave your skin silky smooth.


InkAura Soap is an antibacterial foam soap designed by tattooers for tattooers. Ensure that your tattoo stays clean and infection-free. Eliminate bacteria without drying out your skin.


Our tattoo practice skin is a cost-effective way for tattoo artists and apprentices to learn new styles of tattooing. We use high-quality silicone to create multiple shades in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Try out your different ink colors on our various tones of skin today!

Clean Slate Slush was designed to safely and effectively dispose of rinse cups, ink caps, and other hazardous liquid wastes or spills. Properly dispose of your hazardous waste in accordance with all local, state, and federal health regulations.

Clean Slate Slush

InkAura DermLock Film Bandage Sheets great for healing a fresh tattoo. Use our wrap to protect your new tattoo from bacteria, dirty, and foreign objects. DermLock is waterproof, breathable, and flexible. Give it a try!

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